How can I tell how often a client is doing their home training?

  1. From your dashboard you’ll see all of your clinic’s clients or patients, with the ones assigned to you listed toward the top (you can also use the search bar to quickly find a patient or client). 
  2. Along the line of each user who has accepted your invitation, you’ll see the days of the week in the middle of the line of each user. 
  3. You can hover your mouse over any day of the week to see the client’s activity. This weekly calendar is also color-coded: 

  1. Click on any day for more information, including any comments/feedback they left upon completing exercises.
  2. Next to the days of the week an hourglass icon with a number of days since last login will appear if the client has not accessed the program for more than 7 days:

  1. You can also view a PROGRESS REPORT by clicking the blue graph icon at the far right of each client's line. Here you can view data and analytics specific to each exercise the patient has completed.

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