Patient Feedback and Comments

After patients complete an activity, they are given an opportunity to provide feedback or comment on how they found the activity. This contemporaneous feedback is useful since patients are not always able to remember how they found an activity by the time they are due for their in-clinic appointment.

When a patient leaves feedback, there are two different ways to view the feedback that they've left.

Calendar View

A "speech bubble" icon is shown on the day for that week to indicate that there is feedback that can be viewed. 

Clicking the day-of-the-week brings up the Calender View, which can be used to find which days the feedback was left on. 

Clicking the day in the Calendar View brings up the Detailed Report Card that contains the feedback

Progress Report

The feedback can also be viewed on the Progress Report for that patient.

Dates that contain feedback will contain a speech-bubble icon. Hovering over that date will bring up the Report Card which shows the feedback.

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