Working with patient accounts

Patient accounts allow patients access to NeuroVisual Trainer.   When a patient has access to NeuroVisual Trainer, they have access to assigned exercises and videos. They also have access to all tools and printable sheets. They do not get access to any exercises or videos apart from the ones assigned to them.

Inviting Patients

Use the "INVITE PATIENT" button to get started inviting a new patient to your clinic.  Fill in the relevant information and click "INVITE USER" to send the invitation. All patients must have a valid email address to access NeuroVisual Trainer. If the patient doesn't have an email address, we suggest helping them set one up using Gmail, Protonmail, or similar.

Once invited, information about the invitation is shown on your clinic page. The patient will receive an email with a link that they can use to create their account. They will be prompted to set a password. Once they've set a password, they will be able to log into NeuroVisual Trainer and access their assigned exercises. 

Troubleshooting email delivery

Email is an imperfect technology, and don't always get delivered correctly.   First have the patient look for the email in their spam or "promotions" folders. 

The status of the email delivery can be found on your clinic page on the line for that patient. 

Delivered The email has been delivered to the patient, but it has not yet been opened.
Email Opened The email has been opened by the patient, but the link to create their account has not been clicked.
Link Clicked The user has clicked the "Accept Invitation" link to create their account, but hasn't created a password to complete their account creation.
In Progress Email delivery is in progress and is taking longer than expected. Check back in an hour or two.
Marked as Spam The invitation email has been erroneously marked as spam. Have the patient check their spam folder and mark it as not-spam.
Delivery Failed The email delivery failed. Edit the invitation by clicking the "pencil" icon, double-check that the patient's email address is correct and click "INVITE USER" to try sending another email. 

Invitation Codes

Instead of relying on email delivery, you can also use Invitation Codes. Patients are still required to have a registered email address, but if they have trouble receiving emails, you can provide them with the invitation code instead.  

The Invitation code is a 8 digit code found on the patient's line on your clinic page.  You can write this code down for them, or click the "print" icon next to the invitation code to print a sheet of paper that can be given to them in-office or mailed.  Once they have their invitation code, they can use it by going to, or simply by clicking "Redeem Code" on the NeuroVisual Trainer homepage.

Resending Email

You can resend an invitation email by clicking the "pencil" icon on the patient's line, then clicking "UPDATE INVITE AND RESEND"

Deleting Invitations

You can delete an unaccepted invitation by clicking the red trash icon on their line.

Sharing Email Addresses

Regrettably we only support one patient per email. If the patient does not have an email account, we recommend the patient open up a free email account on Gmail, Protonmail, Yahoo! or similar.

For the curious, the reasons we limit one patient per email is because emails are used for password recovery, sharing emails across patients opens up potential confidentiality issues. Disallowed shared emails lets us comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements around patient confidentiality.

Active Patients

Active patients (that is, patients that can log in and have access to NeuroVisual Trainer), each have a line on your clinic page. 

Viewing patient activity calendar

Click on any of the days of the week on the patient's Activity Summary to bring up the full Activity Calendar. 

Click on any calendar date to view a full report of the patient's actions on NeuroVisual Trainer for that day.

Log-in as patient

Click the orange "magnifying-glass" icon to view NeuroVisual Trainer as this patient.   This can be useful when working with the patient in-office, or double-checking on what the patient will see when viewing NeuroVisual Trainer.  Click the "X" at the top of the screen next to "Viewing application as <patient-name>" to exit this view and go back to your normal staff user.

Reset patient password

To reset the password for a patient click the green "user" icon, then click "RESET PASSWORD".  A password reset email will be sent to the patient that they can use to reset their password and log in again.

Assigning exercises or change assigned Staff

Click the teal "exercise list" icon to assign exercises to the patient.  An option to re-assign the patient to a different staff member can also be found on this screen.

Progress reports

Patient progress reports can be found by clicking the blue "charts" icon. 

Archiving Patients

A patient that is not active is archived.  A patient that is archived cannot access NeuroVisual Trainer.  You are not billed for archived patients. You can access the archive options by clicking the green "user" icon on the patient's line on your clinic page.

Two options are provided for archiving are provided. The "ARCHIVE" button archives the patient immediately. "SET EXPIRY DATE" can be used to auto-archive a patient on a certain date.

Archived Patients

Archived patients are not deleted!   Their data is safely stored and can be recovered at any time.   To view all archived patients, click the "ARCHIVED USERS" button on the upper-right side of your clinic page.

Two actions are provided for archived users.  

  1. The blue "chart" icon can be used to view the Progress Report of an archived user. 
  2. The green "unarchive" icon can be used to un-archive the patient and make them active again. The patient will move out of the archived user list and back into the main list of active patient.  The patient will now be able to log into NeuroVisual Trainer. 
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