Billing (Clinic Pays)

Pricing information can be found on the main billing page ( An account is required to view pricing information (sign-up if you don't already have an account). 

Pricing varies by country, and we try our best to price things in local currency.  We only charge for patient access; Optometrist and staff accounts are always free.  You're free to use NeuroVisual Trainer's exercises, tools, and resources in-clinic, without patient accounts, at no cost.

We offer two different pricing models for patient access:

Option A: Active Patients per Month

We bill you only for enrolled (non-archived) patient accounts on a monthly basis. When your patient graduates or completes vision therapy, simply archive them to store their data, and remove them from your billed licenses.  We count a patient as enrolled if they have accepted their invite and are not archived.  Unaccepted invites and archived patients do not count toward billing.

The billing period is one month long and starts the day that your free trial expires. At the end of the period, you will be charged for the maximum patient seats held at one time. It’s easy to think about the licenses as seats. It doesn’t matter who is in the seat, only how many seats you’re using at a time. For example, if “John” is enrolled and you archive him on the 14th, and Susan accepts her invitation on the 16th, the single license covers both users that month.

Pricing information for this option can be found under the BILLING tab on your MY CLINIC page of NVT.

Option B: Unlimited yearly license

For clinics that average around 50 enrolled patients at a given time, we recommend an unlimited license, billed yearly.  This lets you have an unlimited number of enrolled patients at a fixed yearly cost. Pricing for an Unlimited Yearly license can be found on the Billing page of your NeuroVisual Trainer account.  To purchase an unlimited license, please contact us.

Free for Educational Use

NeuroVisual Trainer is free for educational use. If you're teaching Vision Therapy at an accredited university or college, please contact us for details on free unlimited use by you and your students. This offer is also extended to non-profit Vision Therapy and Optometry clinics attached to an accredited university or college. 

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