Getting Good Anaglyph Cancellation

Getting good anaglyph cancellation is important for many activities in NeuroVisual Trainer. 

Colour Calibration

The first step to getting good cancellation is calibrating your colours in the "CALIBRATE" menu. This menu can be found near the bottom of your NeuroVisual Trainer dashboard on the left of your screen.

1. Click the "Calibrate" Menu

2. Select "Anaglyph Glasses".

Select the type of glasses that you have, then click "CONTINUE"

3. Put on your anaglyph glasses and calibrate your colours.

While covering one eye, adjust the slider until you can barely see the circle against the black background.  Do this for both eyes using the on-screen instructions. Feel free to play with it; to increase cancellation, make them darker, to increase visibility, make them lighter.  Click "DONE" to save your colour calibration.

Tips for getting good cancellation

1. Some laptops dynamically set the screen brightness depending on battery levels or ambient light, so adjusting the colour calibration before each session can make sure things are in-tune with the current screen brightness.

2. If you're using a plug-in monitor, adjusting the Saturation and Brightness can help (Neutral is best, but sometimes higher saturation and lower brightness can help)

3. Make sure any other settings that might be interfering with screen colour are disabled (for example macOS Night Shift or Windows Night Light should be disabled). 

4. Try different glasses!  NeuroVisual Trainer is built to work with any red/green or red/blue anaglyph glasses, so if you're not getting good results with one pair of glasses, try a different kind.

Exercise Setting

Some exercises (such as Binocular Reading or Line Maze) having varying levels of cancellation available as settings in the exercise configuration screen. This allows you to reduce the cancellation to allow both eyes to see the targets, and to ease the patient into full-cancellation over time.   All other exercise use full-cancellation. 

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