How do I change the therapist assigned to a patient?

  1. When viewing your clinic’s dashboard, you’ll see all of your clinic’s patients, with those assigned to you listed first.
    1. Hint:  To find a patient faster, use the 'CTRL-F' function of your browser.
  2. For each patient who has accepted their invitation, you’ll see a list of coloured icons to the right side of the page. The third icon is a green circle with three lines and dots. This is the icon for ASSIGN EXERCISES. If you hover over it with your mouse, you’ll see the label appear. 
  3. Click on the icon for ASSIGN EXERCISES . 
  4. At the top right, under EXERCISES FOR _____ (client), you’ll see a selector for ASSIGNED TO.
  5. Use this selector to select the therapist to whom you want that patient assigned. All therapists will still be able to see and interact with this client, but it will shift this patient to become a part of the other therapist's client load. 
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