1. Log into your account at https://www.ocudigital.com

  2. From the dashboard for your clinic, you’ll see all clients listed, with the clients assigned to you listed first.

  3. Scroll to find the client you are wishing to assign exercises for. 

  4. For each client who has accepted their invitation, you’ll see a list of coloured icons to the right side of the page. The third icon is a green circle with an icon of notes in it. This is the icon for ASSIGN EXERCISES. If you hover over it with your mouse, you’ll see the label appear.

  5. Click on the icon for ASSIGN EXERCISES . 

  6. To the right of the pop up box there is a blue circle with a plus symbol in it. Click this icon to add an exercise. 

  7. Select either an interactive exercise, or a one-off exercise. Interactive exercises are drawn from Neurovisual Trainer’s exercise library. One-off exercises are exercises you upload with instructions and a video link for your client. 

  8. If choosing Interactive Exercises, select the exercise from the list. 

  9. You will be shown a page of parameters per exercise type. Fill our the level, number of rounds, and other parameters you want for the client. Add any special instructions or notes. 

  10. Select SAVE from the bottom right corner. 

  11. Start at Step 6 again to continue adding exercises for this client. 

  12. When each exercise is added, you’ll see it appear in a list to the right of the screen you’re in, EXERCISES FOR _____ (client). 

  13. When you are finished assigning exercises, be certain to click the button for SAVE EXERCISES at the bottom right of this box. Not clicking this will risk losing all the exercises you have set up for this client. 

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